Senior High School

Enderun Senior High School (SHS) offers three strands under the academic track: the Accountancy, Business & Management (ABM), Humanities & Social Sciences (HUMSS), and the General Academic Strand (GAS). The program is founded on the strong points of College which includes:

  • curriculum design
  • faculty
  • vast network of partner companies
  • facilities.

Enderun SHS students share the same benefits of the College students such as access to facilities, student organizations, and the career development office.

In addition, Enderun SHS is leveraging on the availability of modern technology for academic use. Faculty are trained to utilize online learning management systems to supplement their classroom instructions. Virtual and augmented reality applications are also being utilized to elevate the learning experience of the students.

Furthermore, Enderun SHS takes a serious effort to inculcate the research culture among the students. Enderun SHS graduates are expected to surpass the challenges of a college or even master’s students with regards to their thesis. With their acquired research skills, they should be able to utilize these skills during their work immersion and ultimately in their future careers.

Classes are generally held on weekdays from 7:30 AM- 4:00 PM and is governed by the standards of the Department of Education in terms of implementing the K-12 curriculum.


AP Capstone is a diploma program offering rigorous academic and skills training to prepare students for success in higher education and beyond.

The Enderun Colleges Senior High School is one of the only two educational institutions in the country to provide students with the option of taking this globally recognized and internationally aligned program