Why Enrolling in a College with Great Student Orgs Matters More Than You Think


08 Apr Why Enrolling in a College with Great Student Orgs Matters More Than You Think

One of the factors that make up the top colleges in the Philippines are not just the academics, but the quality of student life. This includes the overall atmosphere, campus facilities, extracurricular activities and student organizations. While academics play a major part in college and for career success in the future, one’s social life as a student is equally important. After all, this is an important time to improve a student’s EQ and develop social skills in preparation for the “real world”. Here are three points on how being a part of a student organisation can give you leverage after you graduate:

1. Provides You with a Bigger Network

One of the great things about student organisations or “orgs” is that you get to interact with people from different courses and different year levels. You not only get to exchange experiences with one another but you also get senior advice and insight from those in the upper batches. Orgs are a good way to broaden your network with people who share a similar passion, cause or interest as you.

2. Fills Your Book with More Experiences

Some of the most memorable experiences that happen in college actually take place out of the classroom. These include experiences from being part of student orgs and councils and sports teams. Being a part of an org gives you a chance to have a life outside the classroom but still within the school, with various events, gatherings and team buildings.

3. Gives Added Value to Your Resume

If the social aspect of the orgs doesn’t appeal much to you, think of them as assets to your resume. Being a part of a school organisation that takes part in competitions or organises conventions and activities related to academics or various industry fields – especially if you are part of the core team or executive committee – can shine more brightly on your resume than your other academic achievements.