3 Filipino Entrepreneurs Who Started Their Businesses as Students


17 Apr 3 Filipino Entrepreneurs Who Started Their Businesses as Students

Entrepreneurial Inspiration: 3 Filipino Entrepreneurs Who Started Their Businesses as Students

Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business in the future? If so, taking BS Entrepreneurship in college may be the best choice for you, especially if you are still unsure about which course to take after graduating from high school.

One of the best things about colleges that offer BS Entrepreneurship, like Enderun Colleges, is how the curriculum is designed to help you start your business during your student years. This gives you the option of continuing your business after you graduate.

How successful can a student-owned business be, you ask? If you put in the effort and apply what your professors teach in class, you can actually achieve a lot! There are numerous students who have started successful businesses:

Janine Chiong, Habi Footwear

Janine’s business started in 2012 as a college thesis project. As a school requirement, she and her two partners needed to set up their own enterprise of which is now Habi Footwear. Even before they graduated, they won in the Bid Network Challenge in the Netherlands. Through their participation, they were able to secure funding Habi Footwear from a Dutch angel investor. All these made them recognize the potential of their brand in the shoe industry. Janine handles the sales, marketing, and operations of their business.

Aya Fernandez, Project Lily PH

From her science school project, Aya continued her vision to create an eco-friendly social enterprise. Project Lily PH produces eco-uling which is made from water hyacinth, agri-forest wastes and coconut husks. Aya is also a Miss Teen Philippines titleist and while she captures the hearts of many with her beauty, her devotion to make the community a better place lives on. She supports and provides local livelihood among Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) by hiring them as employees to her business.

Kathleen Yu, Rumarocket

Rumarocket stemmed while Kathleen was an undergraduate student taking up Communications Research. Her business is an artificial intelligence platform that enables clients to carefully identify, optimize, and retain the ideal talents in accordance with their most suited positions for an organization. Rumarocket basically organizes and synthesizes data for the talent acquisition initiatives of companies.

Can’t wait to go to college and study BS Entrepreneurship? Fortunately, you don’t necessarily have to wait to enter college to prepare yourself for a career as an entrepreneur. Taking the Accountancy, Business & Management (ABM) senior high strand at Enderun Colleges can also equip you with some of the necessary skills you need to find success as an entrepreneur. This way, you are fully prepared to take BS Entrepreneurship before you even reach college.