Signs Taking Culinary Arts in College is the Right Move for You


09 Apr Signs Taking Culinary Arts in College is the Right Move for You

Signs Taking Culinary Arts in College is the Right Move for You

The popularity of culinary arts courses in the Philippines has been on a steady increase over the past years. Hospitality, which includes culinary arts and hotel and restaurant management, was one of the top ten most popular college degrees in the year 2018, according to a report from PhilNews.

If you are considering whether or not you should take up culinary arts in one of the top culinary colleges in the Philippines, like Enderun Colleges, here are a few telltale signs that you would probably love every minute of college as a culinary arts major:

You Have a Relationship with Food

Whether it be a love for reading up on food history, an interest in how food is made, or just having a joy in eating, an initial relationship with food is already a good start in heading toward a course in the culinary arts. With an appreciation for food, it will be easier for you to grasp concepts, understand theory, and apply practices of what you learn in the classrooms to where you will be in the future.

You Are a Tough Cookie

Or perhaps we can use the word ‘biscotti’ instead. Many of the world’s greatest chefs have gone through rigorous hours of training, battled intense heat and long hours of standing on their feet, as well as many moments of stress and pressure. If you are not one to shy away from challenges and obstacles like these, then you might just be the perfect fit for the culinary route.

You are Pretty Self-Disciplined

The journey to becoming a chef requires a great amount of self-discipline. Included in the set of disciplines required is perseverance throughout long hours and bursts of pressures, and the skill of time management from the preparation of your mis en place down to the actual service and making sure your kitchen clean-up is impeccable. One must also anticipate that the beginnings of a career in the kitchen are not always full of fiery action as how the media portrays it to be. Certain days can be monotonous, where you find yourself assigned to a single task such as cracking eggs or sorting out greens. But with perseverance and humility, you can one day rise to the top.

You Like to Experiment and Think Outside the Box

Renowned chefs are those who break barriers and push the envelope in the aspects of creativity and flavour development. Many of the top restaurants in the world close for a specific period of time just to develop new recipes and dishes. If you are someone who likes to experiment and come up with things that are different and unique, then being a chef might just be your breakthrough career.

You Want to be a Chef or Own a Restaurant

What drives many students to choose a culinary arts course is their desire to become a chef or future restaurant owner. If this is one of your dreams, then culinary might just be the right course for you, as it will expose you to the different aspects of the culinary field and help you anticipate what can happen in the future, to give you an edge toward more success.