Official Announcement from the Office of the President of Enderun Colleges


03 Apr Official Announcement from the Office of the President of Enderun Colleges


With the next stages of the pandemic remaining unknown, Enderun commits itself primarily to the safety of our students and all other members of the community. Accompanying this overriding commitment to safety is the objective of achieving the educational learning outcomes targeted in the curriculum for all students.

Under continued uncertainty of how much longer the Enhanced Community Quarantine will be required, and with our full support of this key response to the crisis, we are taking a proactive instead of reactive approach in planning Enderun’s immediate next steps so as to minimize the disruptive effects on both the current and coming academic requirements and calendar. Accordingly, Enderun is continuing with its online learning initiative thru completion of the current semester on May 30. (As an exception, Culinary and Food & Beverage laboratory classes will be allowed to resume face-to-face mode in campus at a date to be decided subject to restrictions imposed by government.) Both the Midyear Term (in June to July) and the new semester in August are planned to proceed as originally scheduled.

In our abrupt shift to online learning, both faculty and students have had no choice but to rise to the challenge faster than would normally be expected, and to learn by doing. The reasonably successful mission thus far has been achieved through the courageous efforts of both teachers and learners, and the honest feedback between them. There is room for improvement, of course, and that will be the goal through the remainder of the semester, through constantly available technical support and further on-demand training.

With learning comprehension in mind, the faculty have been encouraged to keep the weekly output requirements as simple and straightforward as possible. With the goal of leaving no one behind (easier said than done), special attention shall be given to students who have subpar internet connections from home; who may be encountering stress worrying about frontliners in their families; and who may be experiencing above average difficulty in emotionally coping with the lockdown.

Perhaps, in this time of unexpected and life disrupting challenge, Enderun could provide a leadership role in the continued ambition for sustainable high quality education.

Thank you for your cooperation. And stay safe.


Dr. Edgardo P. Rodriguez
Enderun Colleges