International Hospitality Management’s Value to Future GMs


13 Apr International Hospitality Management’s Value to Future GMs

Grooming Future Hotel General Managers through an International Hospitality Management Course

Many Filipino workers who start their hospitality journey thrive in the service-based side of the industry whether here or abroad. However, few are general managers of an international hotel chain.

Fortunately, those who aspire to become the General Manager of a hotel can take certain steps to help improve their chances of achieving their goals. One of the best ways is to take International Hospitality Management as your degree in college. Why? Here are some of the ways taking up hospitality management can improve your odds of becoming a hotel GM in the future:

It’s a competitive advantage

While it may not be a strict requirement to land the role, industry veterans have noted that they hold a four-year management degree. Particularly, in the 15th Annual Voice of the GM Survey 2019, 84.71% of the 400 general managers surveyed said that they have a hospitality management degree.

A hospitality management degree is essential for obtaining the technical knowledge and business concepts needed in running hotel chains. Aside from the foundational knowledge that is learned in these courses, these degrees hone in on how to cultivate the best management practices in the industry. Learning can also be acquired through case studies and first-hand experience from industry practitioners.

Internship placements are part of the curriculum

Before a person becomes a hotel general manager, he or she requires many years of experience. And one of the best ways to start gaining experience is through internships.

Internships are vital in any hotelier’s career growth especially for an aspiring general manager. Internships allow you to build the confidence to tackle different situations, learn how to be proactive and quick-thinking especially in situations that require you to.

Some hotel management schools in the Philippines, like Enderun Colleges, require two internship placements. This gives you more opportunities to grow. You can choose between a local or international internship; or if you have to complete two internships, you can opt to do one local and the other internship abroad.

The great thing about participating in internships is that it can also lead to your first job offer or a placement in a property’s management training program which can help in fast-tracking your path to becoming a general manager.

You get mentorship from industry experts

Having a career mentor especially at the start of your journey can be extremely beneficial. Whether that mentor is your professor in your hotel management course or your superior in an internship placement, the guidance a mentor can give you is priceless. A mentor can offer advice on how you can advance in your career path. Once you’ve met a mentor, you can cultivate a life-long friendship and partnership with this person.