Essential Skills to Develop During the Enhanced Community Quarantine


14 Apr Essential Skills to Develop During the Enhanced Community Quarantine

Essential Skills to Develop During the Enhanced Community Quarantine

The unprecedented situation brought by the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the lives of many. Given such conditions, several of the top colleges in the Philippines have adapted remote learning as a medium of continuous education.

Of course, online classes and seminars aren’t the only way to help improve yourself. There are many essential life and work skills you can improve on while we are under the Enhanced Community Quarantine.With that in mind, let’s identify key learning skills which we can develop and help us be more productive during and even after the crisis:

Effective Time Management

The basic rule to get the job done is to stick with a time schedule. You can start by listing down your tasks and setting an ample time to get them accomplished. This helps you see the overview of the things you need to work on, for instance, in a day, and by setting a period of how short or long you’ll do these tasks, it gives you a much more organized learning condition.

You can also consider following the Pareto Principle also known as the 80-20 rule which suggests that 80% of results come from 20% effort you put in. Being committed to this principle entails you to likely finish the majority of the tasks. It is also helpful because you become capable of prioritizing the most important things to do.

Motivation and independence

Motivation is vital in achieving any successful outcome. We can be motivated through a number of factors. It can be as simple as getting engaged with your teacher’s online class activity or as important as getting high grades in school. Having both independence and focus encourages you to put in much effort which will result in an optimal learning performance.

When you are motivated, you are driven to create the kind of situation you want to be in, perhaps, your future. You are aware that reaching for your goals would be easy, and when you are motivated, you know you are prepared to handle whatever challenges may arise along the way. Being motivated will also result in a greater level of personal satisfaction.


Change comes in different types and forms but being adaptable is the key to putting all pieces together. Adaptability means you are able to immediately learn new skills and behavior in response to the changing circumstances. From face-to-face learning to online set-up, it is necessary to be accustomed with new methodologies and techniques in order to be more focused, productive, and determined to succeed.

When you demonstrate adaptability across situations, you become flexible and are able to respond effectively even though things do not go as planned.


Your commitment to learning determines how much you are willing to take to achieve your goals. You push yourself harder to comply with deadlines and work harder to make ends meet. You approach online learning with excitement no matter how difficult it may be.

Commitment entails a powerful will to do whatever it takes to accomplish your tasks. Thus, it also becomes an act of self-responsibility. In an online class set-up, decide what you can commit and stick to it. You should veer away from excuses. When you remove distractions and other factors that might hinder your drive, you can solely focus and make yourself stay on track. Enderun Colleges believes that being committed requires one to be fully engaged in building the steps necessary while remaining conscious to value one’s goals.