Colleges in Manila: Busting 4 Myths About Studying in the Philippines


23 Apr Colleges in Manila: Busting 4 Myths About Studying in the Philippines

Colleges in Manila: Busting 4 Myths About Studying in the Philippines

Are you considering coming home to the Philippines and studying in colleges in Manila? If so, you may have heard a few misconceptions about what it’s like to study in the Philippines. The truth is that studying college in the Philippines is a wonderful and worthwhile opportunity for Filipinos living abroad and foreigners alike.

Ask anyone who has studied in an international college in the Philippines, like Enderun Colleges, and you will hear colorful stories about the quality of their education and their student life. Many international students have claimed that many of the myths surrounding studying in the Philippines to be unfounded. Some of those myths include:

Myth: Filipino teachers do not speak good English.

In the Philippines, Tagalog and English are considered as the official languages. In fact, many Filipino teachers are very proficient in verbal and written English. In fact, English is often used as the primary medium of instruction in most colleges in Manila. If you are coming from an English-speaking country, do not worry about problems in communication because most Filipinos speak English even outside the classroom. The Philippine’s strong English-speaking skills encourage many international students from Southeast Asian countries like Japan and Korea to study here.

Myth: Education in the Philippines is expensive.

On the contrary, many colleges in Manila are more affordable compared to American and European universities. Depending on your course, a standard four-year degree program in Philippine universities costs significantly less than the same four-year degree in a US university.

As an international student, your living expenses may also be more affordable. As of writing, the conversion rate stands at USD $1 = PHP 50.70. This translates to cheaper dormitory fees, more accessible recreational activities, and more affordable food.

Myth: Compared to universities in North America and Europe, you will not get the same quality of education when you study in the Philippines.

This is simply untrue. Despite the lower cost of tuition and other fees, you can get a quality education when you study in the Philippines. There are a number of universities in the Philippines that are part of the Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) World University Rankings. Some institutions, like Enderun Colleges, partner up with respected schools from around the world (e.g. École Ducasse, Les Roches, Thunderbird Global School of Management, etc.) in order to provide their students with top-notch education.

Myth: There are not many worthwhile places to explore in the Philippines.

Many international students decide to study abroad in order to experience a new culture and travel the world. As a foreigner in the Philippines, you will not run out of places to explore since there are exciting places for everyone. With over 7,000 majestic islands, the Philippines has diverse cultures influenced by both the East and the West. There are many beautiful places to visit outside of Manila, giving international students an abundance of places to explore during their downtime. If experiencing new things is one of your main motivations for studying abroad, the Philippines definitely has that in spades.

Wherever in the world you’re from, choosing to study abroad is a life-changing decision that can provide you with an enriching experience. When it comes to your studies, trust in a reputable school such as Enderun Colleges which provides both diversity and a world-class education that you can expect in an International College Philippines.