4 Simple Tips to Help You Ace College Interviews


06 Apr 4 Simple Tips to Help You Ace College Interviews

4 Simple Tips to Help You Ace College Interviews

When it comes to getting into a top college in the Philippines, many students focus all their efforts on entrance exams. However, some colleges may also require students to come in or hop online for an interview with a school official.

This interview is equally important for your acceptance. Interviews give you the chance to exhibit who you are, while giving the school another avenue to consider accepting you apart from your test scores. Here are some tips on how you can better prepare for acing that interview:

1. Prepare Ahead

If you are interested in getting into one of the top colleges of the Philippines, it is best to prepare yourself. Not only should you equip yourself with academic stock knowledge and exam reviews, but you must also get to know the school and know yourself. Getting to know the school will give the impression that you have done your research and that you really want to be a student there. Fortunately, many colleges in Manila will have a website you can check out to learn more about the school and what it represents. On the other hand, self-knowledge is equally important because it brings out your character, while giving them a reason to accept you as a student.

2. Practice, Practice

Like how you would study for an entrance exam, preparing for the interview is similar. But instead of studying, you practice. Get a friend or family member to help you with some mock questions, especially if they have experience in interviewing job applicants as part of their responsibilities.

Ask your mock interviewer to take note of your body language during your practice run. Are you tense? Do you mumble and stutter? Do you lack eye contact? Do your answers make sense? If you aren’t performing so well in those mock interviews, it is best to continue practicing in order to improve and boost up your confidence.

3. Familiarize Yourself with Common Questions

Below are some of the common interview questions that might be asked of you:
1. Why do you want to attend this college?
2. What course have you chosen? Why?
3. What can you bring or contribute to this college?
4. Describe yourself in three adjectives.
5. Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses.
6. Tell me about an instance you encountered a challenge. How did you overcome it?

Knowing which questions an interviewer will probably ask is a huge advantage as it allows you to prepare a well-articulated answer ahead of time. Other questions that are related to your strategies, goals and interests may be asked, as well as on the spot critical thinking and problem solving questions.

4. Breathe and Smile

As much as you practice, your experience may still be different on the actual day of the interview. The worst thing you can do during your interview is to let fear overtake you and get into a mental and verbal block. Remember to just be sincere and carry on. The best thing to do is to relax and try to stay confident in yourself. Good luck and go ace that interview!